Father, Self, Son

This is a triptych that's currently hanging at the Quay Arts gallery in Newport.

It's part of a great  youth initiative by the Quay;


The brief was "Self".

I've always noticed, more so as I've got older, how I have many of my fathers mannerism, just everyday things like how he leans against the sink when washing dishes or changes gear when driving, same with my son.

I wanted to illustrate that so I gathered all three of us, set the camera up with a couple of lights in front of my parents lounge window and tethered it so we could trigger it with the mouse and could all take identical "selfies".

After processing I blended the features of all three of us in three variations using my torso... I'd worn a jumper with a specific colour to "bland out" with the background, as a constant. I was going for a hyperreal "North Korean" look, whatever that means.

It was a fun, bonding experience we all enjoyed, but it's a bit disconcerting when you drop your fathers face onto your own and it just goes "click", you're 25 years older, though I think my son got the shittiest end of the stick...

Big thanks to the Quay Arts for there continued support of the arts on the Island.