The Landlying Project: a collaboration between poet John Armstrong and photographer Julian Winslow.

Landlying is an audio-visual collaboration based on interviews with people who work on and with the land. The overriding theme that has emerged from the interviews is the importance of childhood experiences in determining our 'adult' responses. Most of the interviewees were encouraged by their parents to enjoy the countryside and to understand the processes at work within the landscape. The audio element of Landlying tries to reflect and express both the intensity of personal involvement and the many different ways that our countryside functions. The voices are overlaid in the same way that these functions and processes run through and across each other so that our perspective will always be partial, will never be complete.

The images further explore the way landscape permeates into our formative years- the locations displayed here are specific places where these permeations occurred for Julian and have been revisited in order to explore ideas of permanence and flux and to capture the emotions rather than the aesthetics of place. To try and achieve this Julian has employed "intentional camera movement" where the camera is deliberately moved during long exposures.

The images and text are intended to be experienced as a 'whole' as each mode of expression has informed the other in a series of ongoing responses. We see and hear the landscape at the same time. For the web, the audio is best experienced with headphones.